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Being short and fresh faced is great and horrible. People literally ask if I’m 16,can they see my ID, if I’m in high school, if I’m legal, and I don’t get taken seriously by adults until I tell them my age. Smh it’s fuckin annoying L


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Drake interviews people in Hollywood in disguise (x)

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i never thought i would read a sentence like this

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A dream wedding to a dream guy. Best day of our lives! - http://apieceofreece.tumblr.com/

From, To


Two months into our relationship you once asked me how much I loved you and I just said “From here”. You didn’t get it and you got mad and thought I was playing around.

Breaking up after almost two years together, I sent you a message 6 months later saying “To Here”.

You still didn’t get it.


Cykeem White & Alexander Dominguez

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